René Quinton - a true pioneer in Ocean Sciences - and there are others in our pages.
The French biologist René Quinton devoted much of his life's work to the study of seawater and in 1906 published L'eau de Mer, Milieu Organic ("Sea Water, Organic Medium"), which demonstrated, among other important factors, the chemical similarity between blood plasma and seawater. 
Never will you forget the images in our files! The original photos reside in the photographic collection of the Dispensaire Marin de Paris.
It certainly seems that hese results can be achieved with only ONE therapy, diluted seawater - "Océan Plasma" - and it also seems that this therapy is very much Non-Specific - i.e. one does not need to arrive at a precise diagnosis in order to apply this therapy and derive a complete cure of whatever ails the patient. This does not only apply to the sample cases listed here - imagine what is can do for degenerative diseases, infectious diseases such as AIDS and a host of other afflictions that were unknown in the days when this therapy was practiced.
From the notion that seawater is a complete mineral source came multiple ideas of the healing powers of seawater. Some of these are summarized in our Therapy section. Quinton's study indicated that seawater and human plasma are almost identical in their composition of mineral salts, proteins and various other elements. Quinton also established that human cells could continue to live in seawater, while they break down and disintegrate almost instantly in any other medium.
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