René Quinton - a true pioneer in Ocean Sciences - and there are others in our pages.
It is highly unlikely that you have ever heard about Rene Quinton? Right?
Yet this great man saved several thousands of children's and adults' lives in France and in Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century by using a serum (Plasma) which now bears his name.
In 1904, the biologist René Quinton published his definitive work that firmly and scientifically established the therapeutic virtues of sea water, also called 'Marine Plasma' or 'Ocean Plasma'.
Click here to download the original French version of this monumental book
In his monumental book "L'eau de mer, milieu organique" ("Sea Water, organic medium") he established scientifically the organic relationship that exists between sea water and blood plasma. He expounded therein the hypothesis that the primordial living cell came from the marine environment, the ocean.
It is our fervent desire to help the entire world re-discover the astonishing properties of and enormous benefits from "Océan Plasma".
Please help us in this effort by perusing and even studying this site with the attention that the humanitarian life work of René Quinton so richly deserves.

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